Daniel Sanders, the founder of Restoring Israel Ministries,is an author, speaker and and anointed praise and worship leader. He and his wife of 27 years, Yochannah, have ten children. 
   Trained in Koine Greek (the common Greek used in existing copies of New Testament writings) and Biblical Hebrew (the major language used for the writings of the original Bible), Daniel writes with an understanding that can be gleaned only by time fellowshipping with YHWH, and studying the scriptures in their original languages. 
   He has been writing articles under the inspiration of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) for over 18 years. His writings are designed to provoke the reader to study the scriptures for themselves, so as to confirm the truths presented therein. The concepts they present are not the traditional views held by most Christian theologians or rabbinic scholars; just as the original teachings of Yeshua, Paul, and the other apostles were not the traditional views in their time, either.
  Though not the norm, the concepts presented are indeed the same biblical truths as originally taught by our Messiah and His apostles, which elaborate on the original instructions given to us at Mount Sinai. The substitute religious systems of men have made the commandments of God of none effect (Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:13). It is Daniel’s desire to see the Body of Messiah return to God’s true system of worship, following Yeshua and the early believers’ examples, returning to our original foundation.
   If you would like to have Daniel present these, or other teachings, or minister in music in person, please contact us, by E-mail or Phone. If these teachings, and this website bless you, please let us know.

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